Christian Dammert was born in 1972. Since 1999 he has worked and lived as a self-tought photographer in Mannheim. Photography has accompanied him since he was 12 years old.

For a long time I have been taking pictures of everything that arouses my interest and basically all my photographies are like a diary for me. At times I love to take lots of pictures of people and then at other  times not at all. This is how my style changes at different times of my life in the same manner I am developing as a person throughout the years. I really try to clear my mind and work with my intuition, not thinking about anything or anybody, just taking pictures. I love the process of photography itself, because I am able to relax while my mind is still.Depending on how I feel in that moment pictures arise….sometimes dark ones and at other times bright onesThat is how photography becomes a very intimate part of myself.



Christian Dammert Photographie